What Is NicoSure & What Makes It So Unique?

Nicosure is a small easy to use disposable electronic cigarette, when you purchase a Nicosure device they are ready to use out of the box so you don’t have to worry about filling them or charging them.

All of our devices liquids contain 20mg to help fight off your cravings.


Maximum Nicotine, Maximum Flavour

NicoSure utilises pharmaceutical grade nicotine salts, an upcoming & promising niche in the industry.



Instant Nicotine Rush

Faster absorption into the bloodstream compared to standard vaping products.



Vaping Simplified

Instant flavour with on-draw activation. No buttons, no complicated settings.



Portability In Mind

The weight and size of the NicoSure ensures convenience whatever the setting.



Smooth Sensation

Salt Nic allows for a smooth & satisfying throat hit, regardless of the nicotine strength.




Less Is More

Utilising Salt Nic, the NicoSure allows for prolonged satisfaction coupled with lower user consumption.



Hassle Free

The device comes fully charged and pre filled with Salt Nic based E-Liquid, removing the risk of leaks / spillage.




Discrete In Design

Being a low powered device the NicoSure produces lower vapour plumes allowing the device to be utilized discreetly.



Who Is NicoSure For?

  • high and medium level smokers looking to quit or make the switch.
  • People who seek the simplicity & convenience associated with traditional cigarettes
  • People who have tried traditional vaping products and have relapsed
  • Users looking for a product that simulates usage habits associated with smoking.

Our Flavours

We pride ourselves on delivering not only rich but meaningful flavours, every flavour we have developed in this range is with smokers in mind, we aim to give our customers an experience as close as possible to smoking to help them quit.


A rich yet smooth tobacco experience which tastes much like the real thing. 


Mint Tobacco

An inspiring taste of organic japanese mint blended in perfect harmony with brightleaf tobacco


Lemon Tart

Sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust



Our Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Our billboards are designed to be simple, pleasing and to instill a sense of trust for consumers, we want to remind people that there is an alternative to smoking and we have an easy to use and accessible product.

Display Stands

Nicosure display stands have been designed to be as simple as possible for your staff to setup without any need of training, they also come flatpacked so they are both light and logistically easy to move. 

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